Hibi Incense 30 Pack : Tea Tree

Hibi Incense 30 Pack : Tea Tree

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Natural aroma for 10 minutes every day. Light the match by striking it, and entrust yourself to the natural fragrance rinsing in the air. Hibi is an incense stick you can light easily without a lighting device. The incense of Awaji Island and matches of Harima. Born from the encounter of two of Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts. 

005 Tea Tree: A Spicy fragrance with cool freshness. For the times when you want to calm your frustrations or feeling of depression and feel refreshed

How to use: 

  1. Light up a hibi
  2. Let the Flame go out gently 
  3. Place it on a designated mat 
  4. Enjoy the fragrance 

Includes: 30 hibi matchsticks and an exclusive mat.